Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More glitter balls

Well I have been on a glitter ball making trip the last couple weeks and can't seem to stop. I think I have finally made enough for my tree; know I just need to make a couple for my table centerpiece and I am completely done. Then I decided to make a few sets for Christmas gifts. Now remember these are not complete yet I still have to add the vinyl designs and ribbon but could not wait to show them off. I have several friends that love LSU and the Saints so these are for them. The colors are a little different than what the pictures show due to my flash on my camera. They look amazing in person!


I know, I know...it is too early for Christmas but someone posted on the Cricut Messageboard that Christmas was only like 10 weeks away and it got me into the Christmas spirit. I wanted to make sure I got all the glitter balls made that I would need for my tree and since I am using a new tree this year I wasn't sure how many I would need and how many regular ornaments I would need...so I just put the tree up in my studio and started decorating. I am not complete with it. I still have to make my bow topper with streamers for the tree and add my mesh into the tree but it is definitely coming along!
I was going to take it down once I got all the decorations made for it until Christmas but it looks so good in my studio and it is out of the way so it will most likely stay here until Thanksgiving and then I will move it to the living room! :) So what does everyone think of my tree? Does it need anything else? Any Suggestions? Should I leave it up in my studio until time for Christmas or should I take it down?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glitter Ornaments

I discovered the glitter ornaments last year and fell in love with them. But by the time I discovered them I had already decorated my house and bought and made everyone's Christmas gifts for the year so I had to wait until this year to really make them. I made one to just play around with it and to see how they turned out before starting mine for my tree this year. It turned out cute so I started on mine and they look even better than the first one. This year I am going with a white tree instead of the traditional green tree and even changed up my style of ornaments all together. I wasn't sure how my husband would feel about the new style since they are a little "girlie" but once he discovered our girls loved them he was okay with them. I am going to show pictures of my first glitter ball, then my new style ornaments and the glitter balls I have made to match so far. I still am not done with my glitter balls but until my silver vinyl comes in and ribbon I ordered I can't go no further. Let me know what you all think of my new decorations!

I - Rock

I finally got myself an I-Rock and gems! I kept telling myself I did not need one but every time I turned around someone was talking about it or using it making a very pretty project so I just had to go out and get one. I have tried it on a card so far and I am actually glad I went ahead and got it.

First Vinyl Cuts

Well I decided to give vinyl a try with my Expression for the first time. But of course I did not start off with an easy task. I had to make 80 of these little designs and it was a job (literally a paid job)! It was definitely a learning experience for me and now I am pretty good at cutting vinyl. It took me about a day to get the design like I wanted and on the mat on Design Studio like I needed it and then about 3 days to cut them all and fix them on transfer tape and package them up for resell. The lady that ordered them loved them especially the hot pink and lime green. I did 5 different color sets but those 2 colors were my favorite and really pop in the car windows.
And I must say if felt good to actual make money off my favorite thing "crafting"! Out of the last 5 years this was my first paid job to do and I am so proud of myself. And I already have another job lined up to do.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My New Cricut Imagine!!!

Well I am late to post this so sorry! I ordered the Cricut Imagine on the HSN launch and after a week of waiting on it UPS delivered it. I immediately grabbed my camera as I got ready to open it and started snapping away. And boy is it heavy! But I am so in love with it. I am so glad I decided to go ahead and get it. It did not take long at all to have it set up and going neither. The ink was easy to load and the machine updated fairly fast. I have been playing with it ever since I got it so that I could learn all I can about it. I am loving the printing part. I have made several things in the last couple days and will be posting pics soon of it all. Here are my pics of my new Imagine.