Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I know, I know...it is too early for Christmas but someone posted on the Cricut Messageboard that Christmas was only like 10 weeks away and it got me into the Christmas spirit. I wanted to make sure I got all the glitter balls made that I would need for my tree and since I am using a new tree this year I wasn't sure how many I would need and how many regular ornaments I would need...so I just put the tree up in my studio and started decorating. I am not complete with it. I still have to make my bow topper with streamers for the tree and add my mesh into the tree but it is definitely coming along!
I was going to take it down once I got all the decorations made for it until Christmas but it looks so good in my studio and it is out of the way so it will most likely stay here until Thanksgiving and then I will move it to the living room! :) So what does everyone think of my tree? Does it need anything else? Any Suggestions? Should I leave it up in my studio until time for Christmas or should I take it down?

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  1. I love these glitter ornaments on a white tree! Very cute way to make them stick out - nice job!