Thursday, May 26, 2011

I meant to post yesterday but got busy...probably will happen a lot with summer being here. I have to keep the kids entertained now. Well anyways yesterday was my weekly weigh in and I weighed 144 lbs! I lost weight! Hopefully that will continue to happen over the next couple weeks.

I finally finished putting everything away and organizing my craft room. I would have finished 3 days ago but I bought out my moms entire craft studio. She decided she no longer wanted to *COLLECT* scrapbook stuff anymore. LOL She is a sewing person and that is what she wants to devote her time to which is fine by me. I am glad I was able to get it all since I had to sell most of my scrapbook stuff back a few months ago to pay bills when we hit a rough spot. I hated having to sell my things especially my Cricut stuff. I had over 180 carts and sold them all but 4. I am now slowly building my cart collection again and I am back up to 16 with 9 more on the way and bidding on a few on eBay. But now I have way too much stuff and duplicates of almost everything. What I don't need I will be listing on craigslist within the next week.

I plan to do some crafty things tonight so should have some projects to post tomorrow!

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