Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hello everyone! I know it has been a couple days now but I have been so busy. We are doing my youngest Daughter's birthday party today so I have been spending the last couple days getting ready for it. Now the house is clean, decorations are ready and I made the cake last night. So once the party is over I can get back to crating! 

I went to Joann's yesterday and bought me the Fiskars Fuse machine and I can't wait to open it up and give it a try tonight. Will post pics are maybe even a video of the process. I mainly got it because I was told in a facebook group that I could use it with the Sizzix Pro dies so we shall see. I am loving my manual machines more here lately. I am awaiting my big Sizzix order from their big sale during Thanksgiving holidays. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello again! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! My family had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We went the day after to the Christmas Tree farm and picked u our tree and put it up that evening. We decorated it while watching Christmas movies, I love our Christmas traditions. Even though my oldest 2 girls are 14 and 15 they still enjoyed participating. We also got our upside lights and decorations put up so now I am ready to make some crafty Christmas projects.

I also done a little shopping during the Black Friday sales, how about you? I did most of my shopping online this year though and I loved it. I have a huge order from Blitsy, several from Amazon and 3 from Sizzix coming plus a few others.

I have been working on my Christmas cards for the last week and about have them ready to go in the mail. This is the first year I have actually made my cards like I planned. Here are a couple pictures of some of them I have done so far. Yes they are simple but hey I am using my hoarded stash and actually making Christmas cards to send out this year! LOL Now to actually get them mailed out!

I have some cupcakes and treat bags to make for my youngest daughter's birthday tomorrow for her class party. Wow I can't believe my baby is going to be 11 years old tomorrow, where has the time gone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hello I am back! If anyone is still following me, thank you! I have had a very busy and crazy last year.  I started working on updating my blog last week after debating whether I wanted to keep it going or not for the last month. I do facebook, youtube and Instagram so I was debating on closing my blog but to be honest I want to give it one more try.

Okay life update: My family has moved twice in the last 2.5 years which was very crazy but we have finally settled down where we want to be. Our 14 & 15 yr old girls started high school this year and we wanted to make sure they were attending a school that offers them a great education and also a great high school experience. We finally moved and got them into that school district and it has been our best decision yet. Even my 11 yr old is loving her new school and has made so many friends. We are now closer to my husbands work so we get to spend more time with him which is great. My girls are now older and spend a lot of time on their extra activities which means more time for my crafting. They don't depend on me for every little thing now which makes me a little sad but at the same time makes me a little happy.
With our recent move I lost my huge craft room and now only have a small space to craft in but I am making it work for now. My husband and I are debating on getting a portable building and turning it into my crafting studio. But it will be spring before that happens so for now my small space will do.
I will be back later today to show the projects I have been working on.